This Game is a Joke

A game in which the name itself speaks of its playfulness. There are no difficulties or tests, and the enemies are made just to click on them with a mouse and see how they die. But there are a lot of pictures of a beautiful naked girl and nice music that will accompany you to the very end of this short but unusual game.

Game screenshots: 

This Game is a Joke — one of girl's pictures
A little level for ladies («This Game is a Joke»)
Erotic game This Game is a Joke — girl's picture from the last level


Other games: 

The Dirty Ernie Show 1 Dreams of Ernie, the hero of The Dirty Ernie Show

This story tells about a depraved old man named Ernie. He by virtue of his old age was in a nursing home, where such a cheerful grandfather, like our hero, certainly found something that he can entertain and please. The first is medical pills that have a hallucinogenic effect, and the second is a sexy Nursie. Old Ernie still shows to the young how to have fun. ;)

Лучшие, Эротическая игра, Рисованные девушки
Robozou Erotic flash Robozou — main character's mom

Quite difficult, but interesting game, in which robot Robozou becomes our friend. He have an ability to control the thoughts and actions of other people. He will help us fulfill our desires related to 5 female characters - mother, sister, teacher, classmate and doctor (secret character). And some of them is so tight in intimate places, so you must spend few days expanding them with the toys.

Лучшие, Эротическая игра, Рисованные девушки, Аниме
Let's Play Indians Эротическая флеш-игра «Давайте играть в индейцев»

Это приключение, в котором необходимо будет находить разные предметы, взаимодействовать со многими сексуальными девушками и делать много других вещей. На данный момент (это бета-версия игры) Вы сможете играть одним из четырех персонажей. Автор говорит, что игру очень и очень сложно пройти без чит-кодов, а они в свою очередь еще в нее не включены.

Лучшие, Эротическая игра, Рисованные девушки

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